About Doc Blevins

Gary “Doc” Blevins is not a doctor, but for over 40 years, that’s what most people have called him–just “Doc.” It began in 1978, the year he started his first FCA chapter. In order to try and get to know the kids and invite them to FCA, he became a volunteer football coach at Lewis and Clark Middle School. He had to have something to do, so the head coach gave him the medical kit and had him bandage up the injured players. The boys started calling him “Doc.” “At first it embarrassed me, but I  realized that they didn’t know what else to call me and they were comfortable calling me ‘Doc.’ So the nickname stuck,” he said.

Doc, an avid fan of sports and politics since a very early age, has had the chance to work in both those areas as well as in ministry. As PA announcer for Union baseball, basketball, and wrestling, and sideline announcer for KRMG radio’s Redskin football broadcasts, He’s made a tremendous impact on Union athletics, but it’s not only Redskins who’ve benefitted from his passion and energy. He served seven terms as commissioner of the Tulsa Junior Athletic Association, the parent-volunteer organization that governed junior high athletics before the schools were involved

As for his interest in politics, Doc helped manage campaigns for former mayor Dick Crawford, Sherriff Stanley Glanz, and numerous legislators. As exciting as these things were to him, he says the greatest privilege in his life has been to see thousands of young people come to Christ and to know that many have also surrendered their lives to full-time ministry over the years.


FCA Sponsor

Doc’s involvement with FCA has spanned nearly 40 years. Since 1978, he has spent countless hours evangelizing and mentoring young athletes in huddle groups all around the Tulsa area. At one time simultaneously running groups at Union and Nathan Hale high schools, Owasso senior and junior highs, and Skelly and Lewis & Clark middle schools, Doc has been used by God to impact the lives of countless area teens

One of those teens is Tulsa Police Sargeant Daniel Ford, East Central high school’s 1983 standout quarterback. “Only God knows how many lives he’s touched in a positive way,” he said. Ford was an eighth-grader in one of those early FCA groups in 1979 at Skelly jr. high. “A lot of kids found their way to FCA camp because of Doc,” Ford said. And hundreds of young people have found faith in Christ through their time at FCA camp and in huddle groups with Doc over the years. And many of those young people have gone on to be coaches, teachers, and ministers, touching countless lives themselves.

Director of New Creation Student Ministries

In the late eighties, Doc teamed up with long-time friend and former MLB rookie of the year Mike Brumley to start New Creation Church (Then Life Baptist Church). Doc taught the youth Sunday School class, (which occasionally outnumbered the rest of the church!) and eventually became Pastor when Brumley left to Start a new church in Florida. God continued to work through Doc to bring countless young people to Christ, taking hundreds of students to Falls Creek Baptist Camp each summer, seeing many come to Christ, and having the added privilege of ministering to their families through the church

New Creation Church has now joined forces with Life Demonstration Church, pastored by Doc’s long-time friend and former Union FCA student Brett Freeman. Doc serves as pastor emeritus and still runs New Creation Student Ministries, still following his passion to evangelize and disciple young people. As in FCA, New Creation Student Ministries has been a vehicle through which Doc has not only been able to lead kids to the Lord, but to see many of them surrender to full-time ministry. “Every year, on Thursday night at Falls Creek,” said former New Creation worship leader Phil Blount, “you could set your clock by it…in our cabin devotional time, Doc would give the invitation and at least ten kids would give their lives to Christ, and at least one or two would stand up and say that God was leading them into full-time ministry or missions. It was amazing to see.”

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